Horizon Microguide For Windows

Native Windows Phone Application

Key facts

  • Mobile application for Windows Phone
  • Windows Phone 8.1 SDK
  • XAML
  • C#

Project description

MicroGuide For Windows Phone

The MicroGuide Application is a mobile phone app that allows health organisations like the NHS to access current guide documents.


The MicroGuide system consists of a centralised repository which contains all guide documents for a particular NHS trust. There is a web portal which allows NHS content editors to upload new or updated guides. These guides can then be viewed on a web site or on a mobile app. The mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The app allows to download guide documents for offline use and checks for updates automatically.

My contribution

I have written the Windows Phone version of the mobile app. I was given the source code of the Android app to re-engineer and make the user interface as similar as possible. This turned out to be a balancing act on certain occasions because some user interaction metaphors (like an app drawer) which are familiar on Android are unknown on Windows Phone so they needed to be adapted, which I have after communication the issue and getting sign-off from the client.

Project duration

The initial project was completed within two weeks, however, there were several follow-up engagements to make further enhancements to the app.

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