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Why Fixed Price?

17 Jun 2017

In the service industry it is common to approach a project like this:

  1. Agree the scope of a project
  2. The contractor gives an estimate on how long the work is likely to take
  3. Contractor starts working and sends weekly or monthly invoices.

While this practice is very common, it is also very wrong. I would even go as far as saying: Any contractor who does that is an amateur.

How To Build Your Own Website

29 May 2017

So you have that great business idea. What’s next?

One of the many things to sort out is the website. You should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I even need a website?

It seems like a no-brainer but if nothing else it’s worth thinking about how your customers will find you.

For example, you are an events-based business and all your customers will find you through Facebook. In that case a Facebook page may suffice.

2. What type of site should I have?

Here it starts getting a little more tricky. In order to work out what type of site you should have, you should think about, what you want your customers to do on your site. Everything else flows from that.

Validate Before You Execute

24 May 2017

The number of ideas that have been pitched to me over the years is staggering. I have been asked to do:

  • A panic button for Facebook
  • Online second hand trading places for various niches
  • Location tracking stuff
  • Many more I don’t even remember

It’s not just family, friends and colleagues but I am guilty of it myself. I’ve started many side projects with the approach of

I’ll build it and they will come.

Getting Started with Windows Phone

26 Jul 2015

Some years ago, I bought my children a Nokia Lumia 520 each. Now, these are lovely little phones and the prospect of using something that only very few of our friends use was exciting.

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