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As a follow-up to this post, I needed to get the home-made Twitter feed onto the layout page of our MVC 4 app. Like this:

The problem is that the layout page has no model and no code-behind. Since the Twitter feed is populated in code-behind on the server, this is a problem.

The answer is a PartialView populated by a ChildAction.

1. The Model

The Model remains unchanged from the original implementation.

2. The Controller

Change the Action that retrieves the tweets and populates the model to be a ChildAction returning a PartialView.

public PartialViewResult Tweets()
  RestClient client = new RestClient("");
  // [...] see original post for full implementation
  model.Tweets =

  return PartialView(model);

3. The View

For the View, create a new partial view displaying the tweets.

@model net.tkglaser.demos.Models.TwitterFeed.LandingModel

  @foreach (var tweet in Model.Tweets)
      <img src="@tweet.user.profile_image_url" />

Now, you can simply insert the tweets into the layout, or anywhere else using this line:


This enables you to put your Twitter feed into the layout so every page will display it.

As always, please feel free to leave a comment if you find this useful or have a suggestion.

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